FX Upfront Promotional

FX Upfront PromotionalWatch Standard Def

The FX Network was looking for a way to promote their Fall line-up of original shows as well as their first access to various Fox Movie properties. They turned to us to come up with a playful “award show” style animated intro that pulled various stars from the movies and TV shows they were in to show up at the FX theater.

A combination of comprehensive rotoscoping, 3D animation and significant amounts of compositing, planar animating and color treating went into the project. Throughout it all it was important to maintain a spirit of fun and adventure, which made it a very rewarding and engaging project.

Look for some of our animators to show up as zombies or various papparazzi.

Tools Used:Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Realflow
FX Upfront Promo Boards

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